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About Our Organization


The Student Government Association in its representative capacity shall initiate student activities, inform the Student Association of the aims, policies, and ideas of the University that pertain to or affect enrolled students.

The purposes of the Student Government are as follows:

1. To perform all executive, judicial, and legislative functions of the Student Association;

2. To serve as a channel for communication to the faculty and Administration and to all levels of state government, in expressing the opinions, wishes, and needs of the Student Association;

3. To establish, in cooperation with the Administration, faculty, and state of Louisiana, policies affecting the university community;

4. To establish and execute such programs and projects deemed beneficial to the Student Association;

5. To promote and improve relations between the Southwest Louisiana community and students of McNeese State University;

6.To conduct and regulate all campus-wide elections and referenda;

7. To participate as an active member in and with the Student Self-Assessed Fee Oversight Committee as mandated by Louisiana State Board of Trustees;

8. To oversee and initiate a McNeese State University Student Association referendum process for all student self-assessed fees and/or the organizations receiving them, in accordance with the Student Self-Assessed Fee Oversight Committee’s recommendation.  Regardless of the recommendation, a two-thirds vote from the Senate may then be petitioned in the case of any actions deemed unethical or in violation of the Code of Student Conduct; and

9. To conduct such investigations and inquiries deemed necessary to implement the above clauses.

Serving as the voice of the McNeese State University student body and liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff, and administration of the University.

P.O. Box 92815 • 4205 Ryan St • Lake Charles, LA 70605 • Phone: (337) 475-5605 • Fax: (337) 475-5704 • Email: [email protected]